Make a trail

Choose some things in the centre of Reading that you like/hate/think are a bit quirky.

Make a trail. Tell us about it.

Maybe win a prize for best/quirkiest/most horrible town centre trail!

There are several ways to make your trail.

  • On a smartphone with ramblr app Got a smartphone? Download the ramblr app. Register. Go to your first thing. Start tracking in ramblr. Take a photo at each thing. Type in more info or do some audio. Upload  and publish it.  
  • Take photos to make your trail Got a phone or a camera? Take a photo of each of your things. Upload them to iOpener. You can type in some more info and your thoughts on the photos and Where’s Reading heading too.  
  • Make a trail on paper Like using paper? Pick up one of our maps (don’t forget to borrow a pencil). Go to your first thing. Mark it on the map as number 1. Go to your next thing and mark it. Tell us about your things. We’ll make the trail for you.
  • Non-walking trail! Don’t want to walk your trail but have ideas about what you do and don’t like in central Reading? Work with us on our big map in the gazebo in Town Hall Square under the watchful gaze of Queen Victoria  14 & 21 March 2015 – or just sent us your list of places and we’ll do the rest.