We’re putting some iOpener trails up here. You can find more Reading-based trails through wikiloc, ramblr, mapmywalk and iopener

  • London Road Campus Heritage Trail The Friendship GatesWe’ve taken information from The Friends’ of the University of Reading heritage trails and put it online together with photos, audio and a suggested walking route.
  • Mini trail behind St Laurence’s At our event on 21 March, a longterm Reading resident showed iopener this quirky area with its mixture of architecture. We’d had no idea it was there – and we are longterm Reading residents too!
  • Library to Riverside Museum No-roads trail with things for children to do. Perform at the amphitheatre, play Pooh sticks at the blue bridge, try the quirky seat, feed the ducks, walk out over the weir.
  • Calm in Reading St James churchMade by a participant in one of our iopener demo days (21 March 2015). On a busy Saturday there are still some places to be calm in central Reading.
  • Ken’s Reading ramble A trail made by a visitor to Reading at the iOpener demo day 14 March 2015.
  • Views of Reading – the good and interesting Town Hall, Reading by Tony ShortParticipants in iOpener’s March 2015 events put forward ideas on best things in central Reading. We’re gradually building up a trail round some of them. Thanks to Tony Short who makes his photos of Reading available free for charity use.
  • Pound the Charity shops A trail around Reading’s pound and charity shops made by a participant on the iOpener day 14 March.
  • Quirky bits in St Mary’s Butts A trip down some quirky stuff in St Mary’s Butts
  • Around Broad Street A mixture of the good the bad and the ugly around Broad Street
  • Two rivers and a canal A trail around the waterways that make Reading special.