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iOpener has a sister project, iMuse, which looks for lowcost ways to help everyone engage with museums, galleries and other public and cultural spaces using IT.

What is iOpener?

iOpener encourages trail-making online. Our idea is that we all look at things in a different way if we make a trail around our surroundings. iOpener will run small, lowcost projects with other organisations, providing technical help to publish trails both virtually and on paper. From mid 2015, iOpener is being run by the Reading-based charity, RG spaces.

What is iOpener in Reading?

iOpener in Reading aims to get us all looking at Reading with fresh eyes by making trails around the town.

Arising out of a pilot project trialled by the Reading-based charity, Access-ability Communications Technology, iOpener in Reading took part in the Open for Arts festival and National Heritage Open Days in 2014.

Supported by Reading Borough Council’s Cultural Partnership and in partnership with Reading Museum’s Happy Museum ‘Where’s Reading Heading?’ project, iOpener in Reading ran two events in the town centre in March 2015 and expects to take part in Open for Art later in the Summer.

Anyone can try their hand at making a trail of their favourite/least favourite/quirky things – using their mobiles to create the trail with the free ramblr app as they walk around the town, taking photos and uploading them to iOpener’s special trail site, creating them on a paper map, or simply placing markers on our big map.

We are collecting all the trails and places together, making new trails, publishing them for anyone to use and also feeding the info into the Museum’s project about what grabs (or doesn’t grab) people’s attention and interest about the town.

Using a map

People were asked to think about trails around central Reading. They recorded what they thought good (any colour but black) and what they thought bad (black counter) on a tablecloth map.